Eyesight Deterioration By Ryuta

Nowadays, people spend more and more time with technology. Everyday, we all spend a few hours looking at our devices such as computers and smartphones. It is unavoidable. After working on the computer, my eyes are always strained and tired. This has caused anxiety and stress because I am concerned about my eyesight deteriorating. Also, I realized I am the only one who doesn’t wear glasses in my family. I chose to discuss eyesight because I might somehow, find ways of the avoiding stress on my eyesight. Definitely, this research has expanded my learning on how to preserve my eyesight in today’s modern world. Next few paragraphs will include, an exploration of factors that affect eyesight, tips on preserving your eyesight. This is relevant for me because all my families without me is wearing glass.

I learned that when the eyes are tired and strained, that means the eyeball has grown too large. Inside, eyeball there is a structure called the lens. The lens is the structure that makes the eye focus. Lenses can possibly make you unfocus and that’s when eyesight deterioration occurs. To see an object in a longer distance, the lens must be relaxed. Viewing objects near uses more focus power. This accounts for the stress on your eyes as it provides magnification for close object viewing. Until age of 11, the convexity, or the curvature of the lens is flexible, but after after age of 11, the lens loses flexibility. In youth, the change is slow. But after hitting the age of 40, convexity will greatly decrease within next 3 years. This strongly suggests that ISM teachers will be affected by this truth. ISM teachers handle computers in everyday life. Which means there is a big chance that their eyesight will deteriorate, since many of them are older than 40 years old. Having to constantly work with computers, we must find ways of preventing the deterioration of our eyesight.There are several means of preventing your eyesight from deteriorating. These include eating food that is good for your eyes, looking away from the computer screen every 15 minutes, not using you smartphone 30 minutes before bed, having enough light at your desk or when you are reading and shielding your eyes from direct sunlight. Firstly, eating food that is good for your eyes include carrots and spinach. Carrots and spinach have vitamin A that is beneficial to your eyes. Secondly, I chose looking away from computer screen because some people really need to be on their computers for their job or school. So you can’t just say don’t watch computer’s screen. But at least, let your eyes take a break every so often. Thirdly, I chose no smartphone 30 minutes before bed, on account that your eyes need to get ready to sleep at night. Also, I included having enough light at your desk or when reading. Because many people don’t have enough light at their workstations and this puts a strain on your eyes. This has critically influenced thoughts about wellness. This research, of course, reminded me of necessity of wellness. Still, eyesight deterioration, is an issue that is, unsolvable. But there are few actions that are beneficial to eyes. Although, truth is harsh, it is too late if eyes were already deteriorated.

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