Schizophrenia by Lucas Batungbacal

Schizophrenia, the breakdown of thought, emotion, and behaviour, is an issue that is, as we know it, unsolvable. The purpose of this essay is not to bear, unnecessarily, news that is not pleasing to hear about, but to warn of the symptoms of this condition. I chose this issue as it is, of course, one of the most menacing disorders of the human race, and can affect anyone at anytime. It is not discerned how one can get this disorder, so the people who develop it are extremely unlucky. Though it may seem a bit strange, I fear this disorder so much to the point that I have already researched it before this assignment. One of my ancestors in the province of Negros Occidental had seemed to hear voices that interrupt his thinking, and although he was fit, he was unable to do anything substantial, as he was always distracted and irresponsive, although he was smart as well. This is relatable to the case of John Nash, a schizophrenic that won the Nobel prize in economics. Now, how does all of this affect teenagers? I shall say it again, it is a disorder that can happen to anyone at anytime, and can destroy the youths of those it affects.
I have learnt that schizophrenia is a disorder that creates hallucinations, delusions, and impaired movement in the victim. The side effects of these symptoms are inability to focus, irresponsibility, irresponsiveness, and impairment of working memory. Quoting John Nash’s doctor, “What kind of hell would that be?”. Interestingly enough, instead of an expansion, a rift was drawn in between my thinking. Just the persistent thought of this disorder split my rational thinking with my emotions and behaviour. Paranoia grew vivid in my mind, and this paranoia drove me to research even more. This led me to find out that exposure to viruses, being malnourished, and having problems during birth can create this disorder.
In my opinion, more attention should be shed on this issue from the medical world, in order to create cures that are less abusive, compared to the drugs they use today. Surprisingly, I learned some schizophrenics are so entwined into their worlds that they don’t bother being treated but instead just live with the voices, as they can’t tell between reality and dream. Do not be mislead by this, even though they seem okay, this is not healthy for them. People neglect them, they do not eat or drink for days, and they rarely ever sleep.
Sadly, no cure exists, only antipsychotic drugs exist that only dampen the severity of hallucinations. On the contrary, the only known way to prevent this disorder is to remain nourished. I won’t sugar-coat it, Schizophrenia is a thief in the night, stealing reality from innocent people. Although, truth hurts, you cannot rely on a beautiful lie.

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