Alice In Wonderland Syndrome/Todds Syndrome – Stefanija Nuneska

Seeing objects smaller than they appear, feeling huge, and feeling like you are completely useless. That’s how anyone with Alice in Wonderland syndrome feel everyday. Alice in Wonderland syndrome also known as AWS is a syndrome that makes your eyes see the world in a super small form. This syndrome can begin from a very young age, though it can also start from an older age as well. So far scientist have not found what type of disease AWS is, but they think it’s a different type of hallucination. I have never had or heard of this issue, and because it was very different and new I thought it was a very interesting subject. I had never heard of this issue, and I have never known anyone who had AWS or any sort of medical issues too. This all connects to my previous learning, because P.E, Wellness, and Science are all subjects where they relate to your body and health and the AWS syndrome is caused by an unhealthy body which causes an unhealthy brain. The AWS is very important to our everyday life, because even though it hasn’t affected us there are many children or adults out there who suffer from this syndrome. That’s why by spreading awareness you can make more people contribute to find a cure. This affects teenagers, because we are the most likely to get high electrical activity in our brains, which makes us a bigger victim.

Some symptoms by AWS may include:
Sensitivity in body image
Change in vision
Change in the way to feel objects
Change in how you hear certain sounds

Scientist say it is caused by : Abnormal amounts of electrical activity causing too much blood to flow into the parts of the brain which process visual perception and texture. In other words it’s when blood rushes to parts of the brain that control your feeling and sight. So far most AWS victims have gone past the AWS syndrome trough years, but some have had the syndrome for life. Doctors everywhere have not found a cure for the syndrome, though other doctors believe that the syndrome will pass trough time. From this issue I have learned that we teenagers are the most likely to get AWS. This helped me expand my learning by getting to know the syndrome more, but one fact really stood out to me as I was doing so. The fact that doctors haven’t found a cure for AWS is quite frightening, because it can happen to you anytime and if it does your only hope is to pray that everything is going to be alright. My opinion about AWS has not changed much through research too, because the syndrome to me is a torture device that only one person can see ,they can’t escape it or make it stop in any way. That’s why I strongly believe that this syndrome is a horrid syndrome that is placed on an unlucky person. some misunderstandings about the AWS is that people think it all has to do with the eyes while the AWS is a mental issue, it also wasn’t acknowledged as a real syndrome until 1955 since people would not believe it was a real issue since it would only happen in temporary flashes and was not permanent. The AWS helped me realize that not all syndromes are the same, and that a lot of different issues transform your body in a unnatural way.


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