Stroke By Alex Gaines

I chose this issue because this is one of the reasons by grandfather and my great grandmother passed away. This is relevant to me because 6 in 100,000 teens can suffer stroke. There are two types of main strokes ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. This can effect teens by causing sickness, brain damage and possibly death. You can prevent stroke by drinking water, exercising, or many more. I learned that stroke can harm you in many ways, and you can find possibilities to prevent it. It is more likely to effect older people, and not teens, but it is possible. This has changed my thinking because I didn’t think stroke could effect teens, but now I know it can. There for I will try hard to prevent it especially in the future. This has changed my thinking about wellness because all the other diseases hasn’t happened to me or my family, but stroke has. Stroke has many of the same ways to prevent it that are the same ways to prevent other diseases. There for they are relevant to each other. Stroke is very common for elders, but not for adults.

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