Blood types-Da

I chose this topic because I once found personalities on blood types through social media, and I actually thought it would be really interesting if I have a research on Blood Types. I also had a connection while researching about this topic, and that is blood donations. One day, I wanted to donate my blood through donating campaign, but I couldn’t do it because I am blood type A, and that particular person couldn’t get my blood. So, I was really wondering the relationship between blood types. This research did actually expend my learning, because once I’ve started my research on this topic, if I found an information about one thing, than I was wondering about the other things. For example, if I found out the definition of a blood type, I was wondering what is blood made out of. This is important because knowing your blood types are really helpful in your life. This can affect teenagers because you learn about cells, and there are 4 main cells in your blood, and again, knowing your blood types, and learning about blood is very helpful.

I learned a lot from this topic, for example, I learned that blood type O can donate its blood to every types of blood, though, it can only get its blood from type O. To summarize, blood types are a classification of blood, also called as, “Blood Groups.” Additionally,blood is really important because it’s a red liquid that circulates your body. My thought on this topic has changed a lot because I thought there is no way that blood types are useful, but in reality, blood types are very important because you can donate your blood. Healthbuzz influenced my thought on wellness, because I thought wellness was just boring, and it’s just about our health. Though, when I was researching about this topic, I could clearly see that wellness is really helpful because it makes you to do some healthy choices, the best way to live your life.
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