Autism- Anna Manfredini


     I choose this topic because my mom is a psychologist and she always talks about her work and how she has to work with autistic kids. Since I have this connection I have always wanted to know more and really understand what she works with. This issue is important to me because I want to learn how to act with these type of children. This issue is relevant to me because we (my family) have a lot of friends with autistic kids and if I ever meet someone who is autistic I would like to know what is different about her/him and maybe help that person. This affect teens because when they go through puberty the teens who are not autistic are aware of social situations and they understand that adults have a bigger role in the family. But teens who are autistic don’t have the same feelings about these things, instead of accepting people they have temper tantrums, aggression and other behaviour of early ages.

     I learned that kids usually get autism at a young age. Kids who are autistic have a harder time communicating what they feel which then leads them on getting mad. I also learned that doctors still don’t know what is causing kids to be autistic. All around there are pros and cons about being autistic and having an autistic child or friend. The pros are that kids that are autistic have a better detailed memory, they are really good with computers and they can have a very special talents. The cons of having an autistic child is that you have to deal with their lacking of communication. My thinking has changed because now I know that autistic kids are really special and  that their are basically like us but with an extra twist of speciality.  Autistic Kid Brain

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