GBS – Rohan Tulshyan

I chose this topic because my friend’s dad had GBS before. I wanted to research and know about what happened to him. Also GBS is a syndrome in which people are not exactly sure why others get it while others don’t. So it is possible that GBS can affect teens like me. This is important to be aware of because GBS is a syndrome that cannot be taken lightly. GBS can be life threatening because it affects your muscles and can potentially give a paralyzed body. Aside from a paralyzed body, GBS can diseases like pneumonia. While GBS only affects about 1 in every 100,000 people, it can still attack teens.

I learned that GBS can first of affect any gender at any age. Aside from this scientist thinks that you can get GBS from three man ways. You can get it from infections, surgery and vaccinations. Also that there is no cures but there are ways of lessening the pain. Doing this project has made me think that GBS is a dangerous syndrome and that people who has GBS should go to the hospital ASAP. At first I though GBS is just something that affects your muscles slightly but doing this research has made my thinking expand. GBS is dangerous, it can kill as fast as in two weeks.






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