The Cause of Stress By An

I chose the topic, “Cause of stress” because I had a connection that I am always stressed out with many different things, especially school work, homework. This made me think a bit more about the word stress. So then I wanted to know more about stress and how to manage it, since I kind of know what is the cause of stress to me. From my opinion, I think this is something really important to me because this stress was something I was really curious about and something I wanted to manage it. I want to manage it because I usually get stress and I don’t know how to manage it. This will definitely affect teenagers because stress is something that people will definitely experience and it will be something hard to manage and it will cause more in other affects. This also  be something that affect t me.

For teenagers, many people say that these stress them out:

amount of people/percentage

  • Homework/ classroom school stuff – 135/ 55%
  • Parent family – 37//15%
  • Social life – 22//9%
  • Time – 20//8%
  • Sports – 10//4%
  • Others – 22//9%

From the research base, there are many disease when stress get worse. For example:

  • Heart diseases
  • sleep problems
  • weight problems
  • digestive problems
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Other kinds of pain
  • skin condition

These are really something that will happen and this is from stressing out! I didn’t know at all, until I researched and found out about it.

These disease are scary and it comes from stress. But there is a way to figure it out before it leads to this kinds of diseases. This will be signs and symptoms. The first one is when someone got moody, depressed or sadness. This shows that something is happening and usually it is because of the stress. the second one is when someone is pressured, hurried, or to hussled. This can cause more high level of stress. Some of the physical symptoms are stomach problem, headache, and chest pain.

Here it comes, the most important part of the stress topic. How to manage stress. I was pretty into this research so these are the things I found about how to manage it. These are the things to manage stress:


  • Physical activities
  • Have a someone to talk with
  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep well
  • Having a relaxing time
  • Think realistically
  • Think positive

From these things, I think that stress is something that are not always bad. At least that is what it says in the internet research. There is a good parts it is just not common thing. I am not sure if the managements work but I really want to try it out to see if my stress really works. I think this stress research helped me to have more better understanding of the “cause of stress”.  This includes everything here, the diseases, the management and things that normal teenagers are stressed about it. My thinking changed while doing this experiment by finding out about the different diseases and I learned that stressing out is something I need to be careful about it and that it causes to many different kinds of diseases. Over all, I think that stress is something I should be careful about, but I shouldn’t just remove all the stress because sometimes it helps me to have a good organization, Which is a good thing.


This picture shows that this student is into stress because of its school work and getting moody about it.

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