Effects of Phone Usage by Silvana

I chose this issue because it is very common to teenagers around the world. I also chose this topic because I am also guilty on being on my phone too much this is also why I connected to it. This expanded my learning because it can affect more than just our social skills. This is important to know because people suffer from many things that include using their phones. People should understand that using their phones cannot only affect themselves but others around them. This affects teenagers because teenagers are mostly the people who are on their phone daily. If teens continue to lurk, or use their phones excessively it could create a big problem in school and much more.

As I researched into this topic I understood how it was not only affecting our eyes and our social skills but also affecting our brains as well as our immune system. I also learned that because of the dirt and oil build up on our phone, it can be dirtier than the toilet seat.

All in all I think cell phones are both good and bad. The pros of cell phones are that you can easily communicate with loved ones overseas, you can capture memories while taking a picture, and you are able to research about everything. Although it is also bad because most of the day we are just staring at little white screens with no one to talk to but the cell phone. Our generation has been caught up on cell phones because it is so easy to bring around and just to communicate with it, but we can’t see how it affects us in our brains as well as our social skills.

My thinking has changed because now I am more aware on how I use my phone, and this also applies to wellness because we learned what using our phones can do to us in the second unit.

In this picture you see how the older children are caught up doing whatever it is on their phone while that little boy is taking the time to learn something new. The saddest thing is, is that this is rarely seen. Because in what we see children younger than him are already addicts to cell phones, iPads etc.



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