The Cause of Stress By An

I chose the topic, “Cause of stress” because I had a connection that I am always stressed out with many different things, especially school work, homework. This made me think a bit more about the word stress. So then I wanted to know more about stress and how to manage it, since I kind of know what is the cause of stress to me. From my opinion, I think this is something really important to me because this stress was something I was really curious about and something I wanted to manage it. I want to manage it because I usually get stress and I don’t know how to manage it. This will definitely affect teenagers because stress is something that people will definitely experience and it will be something hard to manage and it will cause more in other affects. This also  be something that affect t me.

For teenagers, many people say that these stress them out:

amount of people/percentage

  • Homework/ classroom school stuff – 135/ 55%
  • Parent family – 37//15%
  • Social life – 22//9%
  • Time – 20//8%
  • Sports – 10//4%
  • Others – 22//9%

From the research base, there are many disease when stress get worse. For example:

  • Heart diseases
  • sleep problems
  • weight problems
  • digestive problems
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Other kinds of pain
  • skin condition

These are really something that will happen and this is from stressing out! I didn’t know at all, until I researched and found out about it.

These disease are scary and it comes from stress. But there is a way to figure it out before it leads to this kinds of diseases. This will be signs and symptoms. The first one is when someone got moody, depressed or sadness. This shows that something is happening and usually it is because of the stress. the second one is when someone is pressured, hurried, or to hussled. This can cause more high level of stress. Some of the physical symptoms are stomach problem, headache, and chest pain.

Here it comes, the most important part of the stress topic. How to manage stress. I was pretty into this research so these are the things I found about how to manage it. These are the things to manage stress:


  • Physical activities
  • Have a someone to talk with
  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep well
  • Having a relaxing time
  • Think realistically
  • Think positive

From these things, I think that stress is something that are not always bad. At least that is what it says in the internet research. There is a good parts it is just not common thing. I am not sure if the managements work but I really want to try it out to see if my stress really works. I think this stress research helped me to have more better understanding of the “cause of stress”.  This includes everything here, the diseases, the management and things that normal teenagers are stressed about it. My thinking changed while doing this experiment by finding out about the different diseases and I learned that stressing out is something I need to be careful about it and that it causes to many different kinds of diseases. Over all, I think that stress is something I should be careful about, but I shouldn’t just remove all the stress because sometimes it helps me to have a good organization, Which is a good thing.


This picture shows that this student is into stress because of its school work and getting moody about it.

Effects of Phone Usage by Silvana

I chose this issue because it is very common to teenagers around the world. I also chose this topic because I am also guilty on being on my phone too much this is also why I connected to it. This expanded my learning because it can affect more than just our social skills. This is important to know because people suffer from many things that include using their phones. People should understand that using their phones cannot only affect themselves but others around them. This affects teenagers because teenagers are mostly the people who are on their phone daily. If teens continue to lurk, or use their phones excessively it could create a big problem in school and much more.

As I researched into this topic I understood how it was not only affecting our eyes and our social skills but also affecting our brains as well as our immune system. I also learned that because of the dirt and oil build up on our phone, it can be dirtier than the toilet seat.

All in all I think cell phones are both good and bad. The pros of cell phones are that you can easily communicate with loved ones overseas, you can capture memories while taking a picture, and you are able to research about everything. Although it is also bad because most of the day we are just staring at little white screens with no one to talk to but the cell phone. Our generation has been caught up on cell phones because it is so easy to bring around and just to communicate with it, but we can’t see how it affects us in our brains as well as our social skills.

My thinking has changed because now I am more aware on how I use my phone, and this also applies to wellness because we learned what using our phones can do to us in the second unit.

In this picture you see how the older children are caught up doing whatever it is on their phone while that little boy is taking the time to learn something new. The saddest thing is, is that this is rarely seen. Because in what we see children younger than him are already addicts to cell phones, iPads etc.



Bulimia Nervosa: By- Reva



Most of the time, when people think of an eating disorder, they picture extremely thin, or underweight people, which is why this particular eating disorder is so dangerous.

To start with, the reason I chose this topic, was because, ever since January of 2014, I had become interested in learning about mental illnesses, just because it was something I was always interested in researching about. The ones that I know the most about however, are mainly schizophrenia and eating disorders. Another reason I chose this topic, was because I believe that not enough people are aware of the dangers of this disorder, and I’m hoping that by talking about this, that it will spread some sort of awareness.

I think that this issue is important, because half of the time, especially with cases of bulimia, it goes unnoticed. This is also because of what I mentioned earlier; it is harder to spot bulimia, than anorexia or BED (Binge Eating Disorder). Another thing is  that this affects people of our age group, since the majority sufferers of bulimia are in their early teens or are young adults.

Bulimia is essentially an eating disorder that involves frequent episodes of binge eating (overeating to a very unhealthy extent), and then purging (to get rid of the food in some way). Purging mainly involves self-induced vomiting, taking laxatives, or frantic exercise, and many other ways. This may sound extreme, but unfortunately it is the case with a lot of people.

This is basically how the ‘binge-purge cycle works: For sufferers of bulimia, their lives are basically made up of the constant desire and obsession to lose weight or stay thin, and therefore the overwhelming need to binge. What normally happens with this cycle is that, bulimics first go on a strict diet which then leads to craving food, which then leads to binging, and then purging to avoid gaining weight. After that, the sufferer will normally feel ashamed or disgusted with themselves. This may come as a shock, but the truth is, that purging does not prevent weight gain (which is also why this disorder goes so easily unnoticed). After the person has consumed an abnormally large amount of calories, their bodies would have already absorbed the majority of them, so when they got rid of the food, it wouldn’t completely get rid of all of it.

There are some causes of this disorder, and a main one that I will be addressing. First of all, the media. The media has so much to do with what young girls and boys are looking up to, and most of it out there, these days, is not realistic, and can completely shatter self esteem and body image. This image would be a perfect example. This has changed my thinking so much about how careful we should be with what we show and act like in front of younger children, because they will follow. This goes out especially to parents, since they might be weight conscious, which is totally okay. But kids should not be exposed to that kind of stuff, since that can lead to harmful behaviour or even an eating disorder such as this one. Also, poor body image, low-self esteem, history of trauma or abuse, and major life changes can also be causes of having bulimia. Another thing is, ‘pro mia/ana’ sites. These are basically websites on the internet (available to anyone) promoting eating disorders. Mia stands for bulimia and ana stands for anorexia. These websites give ‘tips and tricks’ on how to ‘become’ bulimic or anorexic. They can sometimes be popup advertisements, which I have been unfortunate enough to see, and they are absolutely horrendous.

For a person who is binge eating, these signs will most likely be noticed. Lack of control over eating, secrecy over eating and food, eating unusually large amounts of food, disappearance of food, and alternating between overeating, and fasting. Some signs of someone who is purging are, going to the bathroom after meals, using laxatives, smell of vomit, and excessive exercising. These signs are less obvious, but there are some physical ones as well, such as, scars on the knuckles (caused by sticking fingers down throat to induce vomiting), swollen or puffy cheeks caused by throwing up, discoloured teeth, and lastly, frequent fluctuates in weight. People who have bulimia, will mostly likely not be underweight, but will be a normal to slightly over weight. 

All in all, I think that even though this disorder is dangerous and scary at times, awareness does need to be spread over it, because it is a genuine and serious issue that needs to be addressed.