The Effects of Stress-Keitaro

Stress is a mostly unseen problem in todays advancing world. However, stress consumes people around the world. Especially those who have careers and those who are at the stage of adolescence and college. I chose this particular problem because my dad constantly says he has it. Every night it is “Im so stressed!” I asked him one night, “what does stress mean?” He answered with,” I have absolutely no clue.” For some it may be humorous, but for some it might a troubling. Feeling the issue of stress and not knowing what it means, says that you have no way to protect yourself and how you are going to avoid in the following of your life. Knowing about what stress is, allows the brain to assess it’s situation and give the correct way to handle and avoid stress. I think that stress, is highly misjudged. People presume it is only a minor problem. For some it might possibly be, but what they don’t see is that stress can and most likely ,if not stopped, become the gateway for depression and anxiety and some heart-breaking cases of suicides. This problem, as I have stated before, mostly affects the lives of career -takers and adolescents/college. This is mainly because that these to status’ have a colossal amount of work to be done. During adolescents schools can increasingly difficult, since everyone is aiming to get that one spot in a highly prestigious college, most likely leading to a successful life. The work sometimes is insurmountable. This is most likely when stress starts to take place. Leading to a lack of sleep(anxiety) and a pulse rise.

Over this week I have endeavored to the fact that stress should, most definitely, be taken seriously. Or at least know what is stress and how to avoid and deal with it. I have also learnt that unlike ,most people think, stress could actually be a good thing for the human mind. This function of stress is called eustress. Literally meaning “good stress.” Eustress is what allows the mind to gain adrenaline and makes you get started.The opposite;however, is the most common way of seeing through the glass of stress. The negativity of stress is always most certainly there, most definitely when stress undermines your brain which will largely affect your mental,social, and small parts of physical health. This states to the fact that people should try to see the positivity in stress. A different angle or perspective. This connects with wellness because, there are so many things happening in your body; like a well oiled machine, and stress one of those things that seems to go unnoticed. To have a better understanding of wellness you need to understand yourself and what is unseen in it.

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