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I chose Down Syndrome because firstly, I know that Down Syndrome is one of the few genetic defects that cannot be cured. I also chose this because I have a cousin who is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Chloe Abella is currently five years old and she has difficulty in speaking directly and is behind in her physical growth. Chloe’s breastbone or sternum, is bent closer towards her heart making a deep area in the middle also making her heart more vulnerable as she grows and giving her a hard time breathing. However, to us she is very clever. I am very close to her and I think she feels the same about me. Chloe is a very sweet and loving little girl. Down Syndrome also expands my learning because this is very rare where just a genetic disorder can cause such effects in one human’s life, physically and emotionally. Down Syndrome affects young teens like us because it is one of the most common factors that cause learning disabilities of every age. Along with the speed of physical growth. It is important because while also causing disabilities it makes us more aware of other illnesses that are caused by simple things and how we must take care and be cautious of all our surroundings.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs when there is abnormal cell division resulting extra genetic material in the chromosome, specifically chromosome 21. A chromosome is a thread-like structure that carries genetic information in the form of genes. Down Syndrome cause low speed development, learning disabilities and in some people, health problems. If a baby is affected with Down Syndrome,it is no one’s fault. Your family cannot be prone to Down Syndrome. There is no cure for Down Syndrome but the life expectancy has increased sizably. Overall, I think that Down Syndrome is one sicknesses of which is very serious but through my own experience, people diagnosed with Down Syndrome have such big hearts and are incredibly sweet even if their lives are under health and physical dilemma’s. This has influenced my thinking about wellness because it summarizes all the things I have learnt so far in wellness. Health in the body and respect to others. Health in the body is connected to this because Down Syndrome causes health problems in a human’s life affecting it significantly. Respect is connected to Down Syndrome because for a growing patient’s life, there needs to be support and respect coming from his or her family to grow healthily, properly and knowing the he or she is loved. They must also be treated like a true, normal person rather than one with special needs.

This picture is a photo Chloe Abella and her older brother Elijah Abella. Chloe’s family provide her so much love, respect and support. They treat her like a normal child would be treated and our whole family can see how much she has grown through that. Chloe has Down Syndrome but just like any other Down Syndrome person, so much hope has brought her to live longer. There may not be an official cure to Down Syndrome but giving love and respect will help.

chloe and eli

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