Yewon – Positive and Negatives of Junk Food

First of all, I chose this topic because everybody loves food but there are specific foods we shouldn’t eat daily. That is called Junk Food. You may think junk food is pizza, burgers, fries, etc. But sweets count as junk food too. I personally chose this topic because I really love food. Not any type of food. Specifically junk food. I used to even eat fries for lunch daily. (But I don’t eat it anymore)


Here are some positive and negative effects on junk food. One of the main positive effects is that junk food taste amazing. I mean who doesn’t like fries? The negative effect is that the oil they used to cook the fries and burgers are the same oil they used to cook many other fries and burgers. Most meals at fast food restaurants contain too much fat. One example is a large milkshake. It contains 1,200 calories and 42 grams of saturated fat.


Teens like to eat junk food not only because they are too lazy to make food also because it tastes good. A lot of teens eat fast food almost every single day.


I learned to not eat junk food daily and also to eat more of homemade food because it is way healthier than mcdonald’s cheese burger. I used to think junk food only makes you fat but I learned that it affects your emotional, physical, mental, and social health.
To conclude this topic I would recommend to try to avoid going to mcdonald’s, and try making homemade burgers because it is much, much healthier.  cf294cc4-a03d-4290-9cd2-9403b709973b

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