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I chose this topic because many people in the philippines are infected with dengue, and if they are not treated they could die and 2 people in my family, including me had dengue.. My connections are that when we moved to the Philippines, a year and a half later my mom got dengue and had to be in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. This expands my learning because the connection I have with dengue make me expand my learning in the way that the fact that people in my family had had, the drive to learn more and know about it. This has also made me see diseases, fevers, e.t.c more seriously than before. This issue is relevant to me because as ive said before, in my family, we have had 2 dengue cases, which I really don’t want to be repeated. I got dengue in september of this year and I almost missed CWW because of it, but Im happy I did not. This is important because people don’t notice how dangerous this disease is and in most cases where the person with dengue was not treated, there was an extremely high risk of death. This not only affects teenagers but people of all ages in the way that anyone can get bitten by a mosquito that is carrying dengue, and you are at extremely high risk of getting dengue. Also, if teens do get high fevers, they should probably go for a blood test to see if they had dengue.

What I learnt about dengue is that once you start getting high fevers, going for a blood test is a smart idea because it shows if you have the disease or not. What the main things dengue ultimately does to you is rapidly decrease the platelets and white blood cells in your body. If these 2 go into a critical phase just a small cut could make you bleed to death. If your platelets are under 10000, you need to go get blood into your body. The beginning phase of dengue can cause sudden onset fever, headaches, mouth and nose bleeds, muscle and joint pains, vomiting, rashes and diarrhea. The critical phase of you have dengue can cause hypotension pleural effusion ascites and gastrointestinal bleeding and death. Dengue is pread my misquitos that carry the dengue virus in them. My thinking is that dengue is a disease people think is just like a fever, but it’s not. It’s a disease that is lethal and kills many lives each year. My thinking also is that this topic should be spread and that anyone who has this should not underrate what this disease is capable of. My thinking has changed in the way that as ive said before that this disease is not thought of as dangerous and people should be more weary of it. This has influenced my thinking of wellness because we learn about us, humans and in wellness class some advice the teachers give you and can give and knowledge could really help you.

Dengue is out there, and don’t underestimate the power of this disease.

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