Daniel, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

I choose ADHD because I thought I had it after I watched a video of the symptoms, such as reading and then forgetting how I got to that page and what is happening in the book. Most of the symptoms occur to me all the time throughout my life. As I’m pretty sure most of them do to others in ISM. ADHD expands my learning because I can know about other peoples lives and how it may not be as easy, and how to avoid anything possible. ADHD is important because it tells me to go easy on others and realise that life isn’t that controllable now that I think about it. I find this important because I have many symptoms of ADHD, but I don’t use it as an excuse. ADHD is probably really relatable for people in my class. ADHD affects teenagers because they are forced to be distracted and this may affect their learning and how well they do in school.

I learned about how you can get ADHD, which seems to be determined mostly by genetics. If a parent has ADHD the child will have higher than 50% to get ADHD. If a pregnant woman smokes or drinks, than it is most likely the kid will have ADHD at birth. There have been debates about if eating too much sugar and watching TV a lot causes ADHD, but it doesn’t cause this disorder. Neurotransmitters, don’t work the same in the children and adults with ADHD. There are different ways people with ADHD’s nerve pathways work. Children with ADHD have certain parts of the brain smaller and less used. When I think of ADHb D I also think about how I forget things, like in Social Studies I raised my hand to say something and I had to repeat it a bunch of times before I was called, but then as soon as I was called I forgot everything I was going to say. ADHD has influenced my thinking about Wellness, because now I know a whole lot more about disorders and there are bunch more. No matter who we are we are all human, even though we may have these disorders.

It doesn’t allow me to upload an image, so I’ll just say what it said. My image was a kid being teased because of having ADHD, and I want to say that there is no reason to make fun of anyone, because you’re not supposed judge anyone about their outside or brain. ADHD is something they were unluckily given, so nobody should treat unfairly because they are different.