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My topic for health buzz is self esteem, and how very high or very low self esteem can affect you in many ways. I chose this topic because these type of issues are the most frequent during teenage years. Self esteem is basically your overall opinion about yourself.

I chose this issue because teenagers are probably the most vulnerable to the affects of self esteem. Another reason I chose this topic was because, lately I have started connecting with the term a lot more. Since I moved to 7th grade, my level of self esteem has sometimes dropped incredibly low, so I wanted to make people aware that that is not a good thing. Low self esteem can cause depression and make you doubt yourself or want to be someone else. I have had that feeling many times, where I chide at myself for not being good at something or not being smart. It is important to realise that you cannot be a 100% perfect at every single thing. This issue of self esteem is very common amongst teenagers. Some, who have really low self esteem, seem to underestimate themselves and don’t try as hard. On the other hand, teens with very high self esteem consider themselves more capable than others. It is likely that one of the reasons they have a high self esteem is because they see no flaws in themselves, therefore, they will not improve. What you should have, is good self esteem. You should accept failures well, be kind to your friends and try your best. However, having good self esteem is not always possible in a world that is full of commercials and advertisements. It is easy to be envied by commercials.

I learned many things about myself (not through research). . I learned that thousands of students drop out of school every year due to bullying problems that lowers their level of trust for themselves. I also learned was ways to boost your self esteem. You should practice things you are good at, be kind and helpful, do the correct thing, replace the perfectionism, handle judgement properly and more.


My thinking about self esteem has changed quite a bit. Last year in wellness when we learned about self esteem, I wasn’t able to relate to it as much as this year. My thoughts have completely changed, because now I know what can affect your opinion about yourself. This relates to wellness because it is important to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, and a low self esteem can really get in the way.

To conclude, it is important to have a good level of self esteem. Handle failure well and always do your best. Of course there will be times where you will be judged or under estimated, but you know yourself the best 🙂

Thank you!


All these words represent what each one of us are :)

All these words represent what each one of us are 🙂

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