Bullying – How should we handle it?

We’ll be going through the following video clips in class and discussing strategies for how to deal with bullying, cyber bullying, and hurtful behaviors.









Prompt Questions

  • Why is it easier to post something mean online than to say it to someone’s face?
  • Think before you post?
  • If you were a parent what 3 guidelines would you give your child re. online chats/ posts
  • What are the legal ramifications of posting something online? Liable/ slander/ deformation of character





Prompt Questions

  •   “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me”  -what is the truth?
  • How do you think this death could have been avoided?
  •  Could the parents have prevented this?
  •  Why do teenagers often not tell teachers/ parents about the bullying? (They’ll make it worse – does this mean we should just leave it and “just deal with it” as a “rite of passage”. Remember speaking up can prevent someone else going through the same scenario. Stop the Cycle of hurtful behaviors!
  •  Why is more “acceptable” to have chat groups posting online that are hurtful instead of saying encouraging things about others?
  •  When would you advise a friend a friend to talk to another adult?


Additional Prompt Questions

  • Does this clip make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Why do we sometimes laugh at this behavior?
  • Why do negative words hurt so much?
  • Why do we glamorize mean/ hurtful behavior on Reality Shows or TV Series e.g. Simon on Idols, Survivor, Gossip Girl etc.?


TEENS ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Ramifications of Today’s Modern Tech

Anderson Cooper’s Being 13 Documentary Preview:


Prompt Questions

  • What are your initial thoughts on the findings of this study?
  • Does lurking significantly factor into your daily routine?
  • How does lurking contribute to the prevalence of cyber-bullying?
  • What are the emotional and mental consequences of living in today’s world of social media?
  • In what ways can young adults better prepare themselves to deal with these situations?
  • What are some guidelines for managing the cyber world?


HERO IN THE HALLWAY – What you can do.