Social Thinking: Thinking about our Behaviors and those of others

Social Thinking is something we try to develop as we go through adolescence.  What is it?!

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Social Thinking: The ability to consider your own and others thoughts, emotions, intentions to help you respond to information and interact socially (Winner, 2013)


In order to avoid hurtful behaviors, it is important to think about our social thinking and how it affects our social behaviors.

In a social world, we ALWAYS affect each other.

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Think about this…

What are considered good social skills?

How do our behaviors affect others?







Watch this clip and get ready to do a THINK-PAIR-SHARE:


Joaquin – Alzheimers

Hi I’m Joaquin and I’m going to talk about alzheimer’s. I chose this topic because my grandmother has it and it is painful for us to watch her decline. This disease affects teens through depression when their loved ones don’t remember them. In extreme cases, a teen can have alzheimer’s too.

Alzheimer’s is the most common kind of dementia and takes 60 to 80% of dementia cases. This disease usually starts at 65 and only 5% are below that age. This disease affects memory, thinking, and behaviour. It worsens over time. Right now, there are no cures for it. There are only medicines and therapies to slow the disease down.

Before, I thought it was a minor disease that can be cured. Now, I know that it can’t be cured and alzheimer’s is actually a painful disease for both the victim and the person’s loved ones. It’s painful for the victim when he can’t remember anyone. As for the loved ones, they are upset that they aren’t remembered.

This is the difference between a healthy brain and a brain with serious alzheimer’s.