Epilepsy By: Wesley

my aunt got diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 2 years old. Since the time I knew about what it was, I was always wondered is there more to it, so I took the chance to do it as my health buzz.  Epilepsy is a disorder that gives you seizures at random moments, which you don’t have control over. This syndrome can randomly occur at any time of your life. 3 out of the 10,000 people are diagnosed with this syndrome. There is no known cure to it, but there are medicines that minimize the amount of seizures. A seizure is more like a switch in the brain that goes on by itself and when the switch turns back off the seizure discharges. When you have a seizure there is usually a beginning middle and end. They are also known as “electrical storms” in the brain. These seizures take about half a minute and how many a day or a week depends on the effect it has on their body. 5 to 6 out of the 10 people that have this syndrome, get rid of it if they have the right medicines and get taken care of properly. Sadly my aunt was not 1 out of the 5 to 6 people. This is the 4th most common syndrome in the world.

Teenagers with this syndrome get affected by this because they feel left out because they can’t swim with supervision or because of the medicines they are slower than others so the differences are now restrictions. When I asked my mom how my aunt did at school she did really well and luckily she did not get bullied like other kids may be now. It also affects me and some others because you know what it is like and it is not fair that people judge them only because they have a syndrome. That this is not just something we should just make fun about or even just thinking about them differently because everyone is different in their own way. This also affects teenagers with this syndrome because maybe they can not get over the fact that they are different in a way that can not be changed.

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