Marijuana – Sanjay

What is Marijuana?
Marijuana is a shredded, green-brown mix of dried flowers, stems, and leaves from the plant, Cannabis sativa. It is a drug. Eventually a drug can change your body functions.

Why is the issue of the drug, marijuana important to be informed to others?
It is important for the issue of marijuana to be informed to other people, because otherwise many people will not know the severe things that marijuana brings to your body. Also other people tend to get more easily addicted to it. Make sure that you don’t mimic other people when they take marijuana. It is bad. There is a large percentage of people taking marijuana. It is really a drug!

Why I chose this issue?
I chose this issue, because I want to go deeper into the ability of learning about the severe impacts of using drugs. Marijuana is one drug. I would like to be able to find some reliable source information for at least a drug that I have not encountered much. Marijuana is drug, that I don’t know much about. So I want to research and learn about it.

What are some long term effects of marijuana on everybody?
Marijuana can cause many changes to body functions. Some long term effects are:

Changes in Brain
Fertility issues
Respiratory problems
Immune System problems
Emotional problems

What are some short term effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana can cause many changes to body functions. Some short term effects are:
Difficulty thinking and problem solving.
Problems with memory and learning.
loss of coordination.
distorted perception.
an increase of appetite.
a decrease in relaxing and exciting feeling.
feeling woozy and sleepy.

What are some solutions to fix the marijuana issues?
Don’t mimic other people if they are taking marijuana.
Don’t take marijuana, even though the advertisements are keeping you captivated by it and making you crave for marijuana.
Make healthy choices.
Don’t even think or mind about marijuana and don’t read any information that makes you crave for it.

What are my opinions about marijuana?
It is the only drug that is a plant.
It can change body functions straight away if you go near it or smell it.
Marijuana is violent, of course.