Color Blindness by: Sajid

I chose this topic because I found it really interesting and I wanted to go deep into the subject. So that I can find what is the science behind color blindness. I found it really cool that your eyes can deceive you. My connection to this is that color is a really cool thing. Some living things can see it other can only see black and white. This can affect teenagers like us because it can be hard to tell which color is which. If for example if you have a test that says, “What color is this?” You wont be able to know. This can relate to me because when I took the test for color blindness, I couldn’t see most of the numbers. That means that I have a hard time telling which color is which. So that I can have hard time distinguishing 2 colors that might be similar.

What I learned about this topic is that over 200 million people are color blind. When I found out that I really wanted to learn more about it. The things that I learned about color blindness is that most of the time people wont see only black and white rather distinguishing color such as red, green, and sometimes blue. I also learned the science behind color blindness. color blindness is where on of your cones (L-cone, M-cone, S-cone) are missing or damaged. There is cure to color blindness. Enchroma invented glass where people can see color. This has changed my thinking a lot about color blindness because the science behind is amazing.