HEALTH BUZZ The Effects of Video Games by Suren

I chose this issue because many people around the world play video games and sometimes, too many. My connection to this is that I am one of these people, though I always limit myself to a certain amount of time, but there are a certain amount of people who don’t limit themselves and play 24/7 without taking any breaks. Many people die because of this. It is good to know how many hours of video games you play each day, so if you think that you play too much you can limit yourself. Sometimes playing video games can be a bit important, as it can actually help your mind grow. For example games like The Legend of Zelda and LEGO video games help exercise the brain, as it has puzzles and clues, it can help the brain become stronger and smarter. Video games can affect teenagers strongly, if they play too much and get addicted. This can cause them to lose their friends, family and their social life.

By researching this issue I learned all the good and bad effects of video games, and how they can destroy your social life. I don’t think that kids or even adults should play too many video games as it can cause them to become mad, lose their social and physical life and that they should limit themselves to a certain amount of time each day or week. This helps me understand more in depth about how video games can be bad for your health and makes me more careful not to spend too much time on video games.