Unit 1: End of Unit Review

Next week we will be taking our Unit Test on Fitness and Nutrition.  You’ve all done such a great job on both your Exercise for Life Brochures and the Dangers of Processed Food Videos and both of those resources will be a big help in reviewing for the assessment.  Before getting started on the review, please make sure to check your classrooms and do the following:

1. Make sure the Dangers of Processed Food Video is Completed and uploaded

Turn it in to the classroom

2. Answer any of your missing reflections in your Google Classroom and turn in documents missing (if any)

Turn it in to the classroom


Below you will find Stations and questions that will help you as you review!  You can do this individually or in pairs. Good Luck!

🙂 Ms. V

Station 1: My Plate (Understanding the Food Groups)

Take a look at the My Plate video posted below.  When you’re done discuss with a partner why the food pyramid is helpful for our overall health. How is the food plate different from the 6 nutrients?




Station 2: Areas of Health

Discuss the 6 different areas of health/wellness and how we can focus on maintaining a healthier life in each of those areas.


Station 3: Essential Questions

Answer the following essential questions:

  1. How can I be health smart?
  2. Why is regular exercise so essential for everyone?
  3. What makes a food healthy or unhealthy?
  4. What does the phrase “You are what you eat” mean to you?
  5. Why do teens develop unhealthy eating behaviors?


Station 4: Nutrition 

With a partner or individually, answer what nutrition is, why it is important, and how important the 6 nutrients are to our overall health. Make sure you can identify the 6 nutrients and examples for each.


Station 5: Fitness

Review your Exercise for Life magazine and Dangers of Processed Food Movies in your google drives and identify health benefits of exercise as well as risks for those who do not exercise.


Station 6: Key Words

Go back to your notes or use the keywords document in the classroom and fill in the nutrition key words.  Then, review and answer as many of the key words below as you can!  


Station 7: Quizlet Review

Go through both of these quizlets to help you with key concepts!

Quizlet on Fitness: http://quizlet.com/30283425/fitness-flash-cards/

Quizlet on Nutrition: http://quizlet.com/30285147/nutrition-flash-cards/


Station 8: Comment on two blog posts on the Wellness Wall

Read through the posts on the Wellness Wall and choose two that you can relate to or interest you.  Use the “I see… it makes me think about… Now I wonder” format to write your comments.  


STOP HERE…Everything below is older content not used for this school year.

Old Reference on the My Pyramid (see My Plate video above instead):


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  1. I think this is awesome to know about the food pyramid and why it is important and how it can affect our body. But i wish to know more specifically if i diet can affect your mentality and what are some damages that you dont see when this happens

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