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My topic for healthbuzz is “How does Yoga effect to your body?” I chose this topic because I was always wondering reasons why Yoga is important for us to play when I had to play Yoga in P.E. Since I didn’t know why Yoga is important for us to play, which is until now, I thought that Yoga is not that important. The thing that makes me mind it is not important that much if you play was that first of all, you don’t move your every part of your body; you don’t run and you don’t get tired. And it didn’t look like yoga is actual exercise for me. But after I searched why it is important for us to play yoga, my mind changed; it is very important for us to play yoga and it DOES affect to your body.

One of the reason why it is important is that you would get better sleep. When you start practicing Yoga, you will be releasing peant up enegy that could prevent you from falling asleep. Yoga also helps you to relax your nervous system, which is part of your body responsible restful sleep.

Secondly, you would lost your weight. Yoga should help you calm down to your natural body weight.If you are currently heavier than what you should naturally be, yoga will be something that you can do to get to where you need to be. It does this in a few different ways, all of them synergistic. Yoga is also building lean muscle which improves your metabolism. Metabolism is like the chemical processes in your body that is maintaining your life. So if your metabolism improve, you would live longer, and you could be heather. It also helps you to burn calories.

Third reason is that yoga increases your blood flow. It could help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet, and gets more oxygen to your cell in your body.

Last reason is that Yoga gets you to quiet the mind, and by setting the time aside each day to perform yoga you’ll notice that you are taking away the time that you may have spend worrying or stressing out. It also gives your body an outlet to release energy blocks that may have you stressing out even more.

In conclusion, answer of my question; how does yoga affect to your body is that you would get higher height because you could have a better sleep, heather than the people who doesn’t play yoga because it increases your body flow, and it also would be easier to communicate with others and would be happier because you don’t get that much amount of stresses.

So if you want to be happy and heather, or you wanna live longer, I would recommend you to play yoga. Thank you for reading!


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