Dengue – Sirpi Malar Selvaraju

The topic for my Health Buzz is Dengue. Dengue is a widespread viral disease caused and transmitted by a species of mosquitoes known as the “Aedes” mosquito. A connection between me and this issue is that I recently had the same virus when I was in summer break. In result, I chose this topic to know more about the disease that affected me, and to inform others of this infectious virus. This issue is relevant and important because today, Dengue is one of the the most important, and widespread mosquito transmitted viral infections in the world. DEngue can affect teenagers, because in the time of adolescence/teenage, changes happen such as increased perspiration with body odors. This results in more required cleanliness. If proper hygiene is not regularly followed, then there is an increased risk of mosquito bites, which brings more vulnerability to teenagers getting Dengue.

Some symptoms of Dengue:

High Fever
Body Pain

In summary, There are 3 types of Dengue. The first type results in a mild fever, or pain/aches in the body. The second type, which is the “Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever” is much more critical. It results in bleeding in minor parts of the body, and in some cases, failure to function of the Cardiovascular System, which can result to death. Finally, the third type is called “Dengue Shock Syndrome” which can include decrease in blood pressure, and declined blood flow in the body. This is also critically dangerous, and also has a chance to lead to death. In the past, I used to think that Dengue was just a harmless disease that just brings you a mild fever. Now I know that Dengue is a dangerous illness that when infected could end in a disaster. This has affected my learning in Wellness, because now it has made me more aware to take extra precautions to avoid getting this lethal virus.


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