Bullying- Danielle

I chose “bullying” to be my healthbuzz topic because, a lot of kids are/have gone through this before, and I wanna share awareness on bullying. My connections with bullying are very painful, and probably, unreal to some people, but I wont discuss it here.

My research on bullying has changed the way I see things. I use to think bullying was just something that happens because i’m not good enough, or because i’m stupid & weak, but my research helped me see it in a different way. Bully’s have there own problems as well, and that there is always a reason why he/she is doing that.

This can affect us in a negative and positive way. You might think I am crazy for saying a positive affect, but I have and explanation. This is positive in the bullies perspective, because the bully could have problems with family, friend, and/or is also being bullied. And to make themselves feel better they put there frustration/anger on weaker people. It’s a negative affect on the victims side, because the painful words, the harmful comments, the punches, the threatening and other painful feeling are all put on you.

There are quiet a lot of things i’ve learned about “bullying”. Most through my experiences and other’s from other victims of bullying, but most off all I learned that bullying is very serious. I know probably, most of you guys are going to say ” Oh my gosh.. we already know that” but what i’m trying to say is that people die from this, because the pain is to much to handle, that you think life hates you so much that it’s doing this to you. And you just end it. End it right there,right at that moment, and an end of a perfectly unique person. Because what you think life is, is it’s full of hates, full of pain. And you think you can’t handle it anymore, so you just let go, for the sake of pain, for the sake of not feeling anything anymore, for the sake to not exist, and for the sake of your own self.

Examples of perfectly unique and beautiful people who lost there lives, because of bullying:

  • Amanda Todd ( 1996-2012 )
  • Ryan Halligan ( 1989-2003 )
  • Megan Meier ( 1992- 2006 )
  • Jessica Logan ( 1990-2008 )

I’m going to add this because, this could possibly be a critical part of bullying. Cutting. Cutting is very serious and could lead to death if you accidentally cut your artery, or you could die from loss of to much blood.

Please if you know someone being bullied please, please, please help them, talk to them, because a person who cares can potentially save there lives. Think before you say it, it could hurt someone more then you think it can.

You are beautiful and awesome the way you are. Don’t change it for a reputation. Just be you, because you will find someone who’ll step out of there own way to help you, to cheer you up,  to be someone to care for you, and most of all love you for the person you really are. The unique, cool, beautiful/Handsome you. Don’t be scared to be different.

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