Dyslexia – Madison Fleming

I chose this topic because I have a few of the symptoms of dyslexia. This is important because it is not very common and it is very hard to treat. Sometimes you can’t even treat it. It can affect a lot of people, for teenagers it can affect them academically. We have trouble reading, writing, and spelling; they could have a hard time with school; we have trouble learning a new language; we have really bad handwriting; have difficulty remembering number; and we sometimes have trouble following sequence of direction and telling left from right. When we read things, to us, the letters move and flip. We have trouble learning English, like root words, prefixes. We sometimes flip meanings around like adverb and preposition. Most of us try to avoid reading and writing.  There are a lot more that I am not going to tell you.

I actually didn’t know a lot of the symptoms. It just opened my mind to how many of those symptoms I have are so few, yet feel like I have so man, but some kids have more symptoms then me. I am just so glad that  I don’t have all of those symptoms.


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