Atherosclerosis (High Cholesterol) – By Phuong Bui

Atherosclerosis (High Cholesterol) is a very dangerous disease that have caused many deaths for millions of people! There are many reasons why I chose to do my Health Buzz on High Cholesterol. I chose to do my Health Buzz on this topic because I think that everyone deserves to know about this disease as many people think (I used to think this too) that high cholesterol doesn’t affect you that much but they are completely WRONG. Another reason, I chose this topic is because I connect to this to my dad, aunts, and grandma, who have extremely high cholesterol.

I want my friends and everyone to be cautious about the causes for high cholesterol, what they eat, their physical activity, their weight, health, and every other aspect that we can control so that you don’t have high cholesterol because high cholesterol is a deathly disease that can cause so many problems, the main effect of it is causing heart attacks, but there are many more. I was very interested about this topic as it is relevant to me because I might have high cholesterol, it is in my genes.

This topic is relevant for teenagers as they tend to eat too much junk food, oils, and fats and that is the main reason that causes high cholesterol. All the main causes of high cholesterol is featured in the process of adolescence. They tend to eat alot of saturated fats, usually in that time some are overweight. Teenagers also tend to have a low level of physical activity. These two main causes for high cholesterol is present in the daily routine of every teenager.

I am very glad that I chose this topic because my learning has expanded and changed ALOT. I expanded my learning on what cholesterol was, what causes it, the effects were, the different types of cholesterol and their functions. Before I did this project I didn’t think that high cholesterol was this relevant and it wasn’t a really harmful disease that affected you that much. Now, after researching about it in this project, I learned that it can cause many problems, such as heart attacks, stress, lose stool, poor appetite, tiredness/depression, chest/stomach distention, and bumps of veins on your eyes. The most important thing I took away was that,it was an important concept to know so that I can take precaution, not eat trans fats, exercise alot, watch my weight, not smoke and make sure my overall health is healthy!


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Where Cholesterol forms

Where Cholesterol forms

Bullying- Danielle

I chose “bullying” to be my healthbuzz topic because, a lot of kids are/have gone through this before, and I wanna share awareness on bullying. My connections with bullying are very painful, and probably, unreal to some people, but I wont discuss it here.

My research on bullying has changed the way I see things. I use to think bullying was just something that happens because i’m not good enough, or because i’m stupid & weak, but my research helped me see it in a different way. Bully’s have there own problems as well, and that there is always a reason why he/she is doing that.

This can affect us in a negative and positive way. You might think I am crazy for saying a positive affect, but I have and explanation. This is positive in the bullies perspective, because the bully could have problems with family, friend, and/or is also being bullied. And to make themselves feel better they put there frustration/anger on weaker people. It’s a negative affect on the victims side, because the painful words, the harmful comments, the punches, the threatening and other painful feeling are all put on you.

There are quiet a lot of things i’ve learned about “bullying”. Most through my experiences and other’s from other victims of bullying, but most off all I learned that bullying is very serious. I know probably, most of you guys are going to say ” Oh my gosh.. we already know that” but what i’m trying to say is that people die from this, because the pain is to much to handle, that you think life hates you so much that it’s doing this to you. And you just end it. End it right there,right at that moment, and an end of a perfectly unique person. Because what you think life is, is it’s full of hates, full of pain. And you think you can’t handle it anymore, so you just let go, for the sake of pain, for the sake of not feeling anything anymore, for the sake to not exist, and for the sake of your own self.

Examples of perfectly unique and beautiful people who lost there lives, because of bullying:

  • Amanda Todd ( 1996-2012 )
  • Ryan Halligan ( 1989-2003 )
  • Megan Meier ( 1992- 2006 )
  • Jessica Logan ( 1990-2008 )

I’m going to add this because, this could possibly be a critical part of bullying. Cutting. Cutting is very serious and could lead to death if you accidentally cut your artery, or you could die from loss of to much blood.

Please if you know someone being bullied please, please, please help them, talk to them, because a person who cares can potentially save there lives. Think before you say it, it could hurt someone more then you think it can.

You are beautiful and awesome the way you are. Don’t change it for a reputation. Just be you, because you will find someone who’ll step out of there own way to help you, to cheer you up,  to be someone to care for you, and most of all love you for the person you really are. The unique, cool, beautiful/Handsome you. Don’t be scared to be different.

Autism- Misaki

My topic for healthbuzz is “autism.” I chose this topic because last year when I lived in the US, my class watched a movie about a woman named Temple Grandin, who was an autistic person. She used her autism to understand how animals felt and she helped with a plan to make a cattle fence that would help the cattle to not feel terrified. Today she is an American professor of animal science.

My research on autism helped me understand that everyone is created differently and we should respect those differences. Autistic people never asked to be autistic; how we are born is something that we can’t change.

Autism affects teenagers because some teenagers are autistic, so we should know what struggles they are facing and why they are the way they are. That would help us understand that they can’t help acting the way they do and that we shouldn’t make fun of them.

There are quite a lot of things I learned about autism while doing my research. One thing I learned is the actual definition of the condition, which I wasn’t exactly sure about before. Autism is a disorder that some people are born with or develop early in life, and it affects the way they behave and also their social and communication skills. Autistic people find it very hard to socialize and talk with others and probably have some trouble with making friends. The reason for this problem is because the brains of autistic people are wired differently from ours, so they have a different way to view the world.

Another thing I learned is the way an autistic person might act. These include repetitive movements such as pacing, hand flapping, body rocking, and spinning in circles. Autistic kids might have no interest in pretend games, like most kids are when they are little. They may also resist being picked up and cuddled and they avoid eye contact. They might have unusual obsessions, things that most people aren’t that interested in, like train timetables and lists, which are pretty boring to most people. It is highly likely that an autistic person will have some difficulty with words and communicating, so they might say something but not understanding what it is that they are saying. If they want attention or are angry about something, autistic people might hurt themselves by banging their head or hitting their face.

The last thing that I learned about autism is that it’s based on genetics. In between identical twins, if one of them is autistic, there is a 80-90% chance that the other might be too. But between non identical twins and normal siblings, there is only a 3-10% chance that both of them are going to get affected.

My thoughts about this issue is that us non autistic people should make an effort to help autistic people feel comfortable and safe in the environment. Try to include them in games and lunch. Inviting them to join you in something would make them feel wanted and they might also make an effort to communicate with you and talk to you.

My thinking about autism has changed when I did all this research on autism because I used to think that an autistic person would wouldn’t be very smart, but it turns out that they are. They are just looking at the world in a way that we don’t. That definitely doesn’t affect that person’s intelligence.

This is a photo of Temple Grandin, the most well known autistic person in America.

This is a photo of Temple Grandin, the most well known autistic person in America. She’s standing with a cow.

Dengue – Sirpi Malar Selvaraju

The topic for my Health Buzz is Dengue. Dengue is a widespread viral disease caused and transmitted by a species of mosquitoes known as the “Aedes” mosquito. A connection between me and this issue is that I recently had the same virus when I was in summer break. In result, I chose this topic to know more about the disease that affected me, and to inform others of this infectious virus. This issue is relevant and important because today, Dengue is one of the the most important, and widespread mosquito transmitted viral infections in the world. DEngue can affect teenagers, because in the time of adolescence/teenage, changes happen such as increased perspiration with body odors. This results in more required cleanliness. If proper hygiene is not regularly followed, then there is an increased risk of mosquito bites, which brings more vulnerability to teenagers getting Dengue.

Some symptoms of Dengue:

High Fever
Body Pain

In summary, There are 3 types of Dengue. The first type results in a mild fever, or pain/aches in the body. The second type, which is the “Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever” is much more critical. It results in bleeding in minor parts of the body, and in some cases, failure to function of the Cardiovascular System, which can result to death. Finally, the third type is called “Dengue Shock Syndrome” which can include decrease in blood pressure, and declined blood flow in the body. This is also critically dangerous, and also has a chance to lead to death. In the past, I used to think that Dengue was just a harmless disease that just brings you a mild fever. Now I know that Dengue is a dangerous illness that when infected could end in a disaster. This has affected my learning in Wellness, because now it has made me more aware to take extra precautions to avoid getting this lethal virus.


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How does Yoga effect to your body – Norika

My topic for healthbuzz is “How does Yoga effect to your body?” I chose this topic because I was always wondering reasons why Yoga is important for us to play when I had to play Yoga in P.E. Since I didn’t know why Yoga is important for us to play, which is until now, I thought that Yoga is not that important. The thing that makes me mind it is not important that much if you play was that first of all, you don’t move your every part of your body; you don’t run and you don’t get tired. And it didn’t look like yoga is actual exercise for me. But after I searched why it is important for us to play yoga, my mind changed; it is very important for us to play yoga and it DOES affect to your body.

One of the reason why it is important is that you would get better sleep. When you start practicing Yoga, you will be releasing peant up enegy that could prevent you from falling asleep. Yoga also helps you to relax your nervous system, which is part of your body responsible restful sleep.

Secondly, you would lost your weight. Yoga should help you calm down to your natural body weight.If you are currently heavier than what you should naturally be, yoga will be something that you can do to get to where you need to be. It does this in a few different ways, all of them synergistic. Yoga is also building lean muscle which improves your metabolism. Metabolism is like the chemical processes in your body that is maintaining your life. So if your metabolism improve, you would live longer, and you could be heather. It also helps you to burn calories.

Third reason is that yoga increases your blood flow. It could help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet, and gets more oxygen to your cell in your body.

Last reason is that Yoga gets you to quiet the mind, and by setting the time aside each day to perform yoga you’ll notice that you are taking away the time that you may have spend worrying or stressing out. It also gives your body an outlet to release energy blocks that may have you stressing out even more.

In conclusion, answer of my question; how does yoga affect to your body is that you would get higher height because you could have a better sleep, heather than the people who doesn’t play yoga because it increases your body flow, and it also would be easier to communicate with others and would be happier because you don’t get that much amount of stresses.

So if you want to be happy and heather, or you wanna live longer, I would recommend you to play yoga. Thank you for reading!


Below is the presentation link that I’m going to use for my presentation. Copy and paste it if you want to see.

Allergies – Annika


Allergies are an immune response by the body to a substance usually pollen, fur, particular food or dust. Your own immune system mistakes these harmless substances as a threat and attacks them, that what your allergy symptoms are.

Why did I choose this issue:

I chose this issue because over 50% of the human worldwide population have allergies and no one else picked this issue and I thought it would be fun to be unique.


My cousin is very allergic to dairy and nuts so when we go to visit them in the summer we have non dairy ice cream and soy milk.

How is this issue relevant to you:

I myself have allergies to pollen and dust. They start out of no where then make me have a stuffy nose and it is really hard to make myself feel better.

How do they expand your learning:

I know that doctors don’t really know how people get their allergies and they don’t know how to cure it.

Why is this important:

This is important because lots of the kids at our school are allergic to nuts and this issue made our school a nut free zone.

How does it affect teenagers:

People who know they have allergies try to avoid them the best as they can for example if they’re allergic to food than they will avoid eating it or if they are allergic to pollen they will try to stay away from it. Also sometimes people get their allergies when they get older. My friend loved to eat strawberries when she was a little girl but then one day when she ate them she got this reaction to them.

What did you learn about this issue:

I learned that allergies is caused by the immune system and people can be allergic to many different things including cockroaches.
What is your thinking/summary about this issue:

Allergies come in many different packages. People are allergic to different things and have different types of reactions. How and why is complicated and even doctors don’t completely understand.

How has your thinking changed:
There is no simple cure to stop being allergic to something or to stop an allergic reaction. There are steps to take but they are not always effective.

How does this influence your thinking about wellness:

There are not always clear answers. It is smart to pay attention to your surroundings and your own health and continue to learn more about how to prevent and treat allergies as scientists discover more information.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) – Nika Gonzales

Health Buzz


Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common condition where long-term force of blood against  a muscular walled tubes forming part of the circulation system called the artery is high enough to cause health problems


Why did you choose this issue?

Because this is something common in my family. On my moms side and my dads side.

What are your connections?

This condition happened to 2 of my grandpas.

How do they expand your learning?

I know that I have a connection with this condition because of my grandpas. If I start learning about it now, I can avoid this problem in advance to keep me safe.

How is this issue relevant to you?

It is possible that it could happen to me and it’s in my genes. That’s why I need to watch what I do and eat so that I can prevent this problem. I can continue eating healthy and avoid smoking and drinking when I’m older.

Why is it important?

This is important because it could happen to anyone in their teenage years like us up until you are at an older age. If we watch out for ourselves now we can prevent problem to keep us healthy. Watching our health can be critical and can lead to horrible situations. So we can avoid these situations by lessening the fats and junk foods we eat in our daily diets and exercising everyday for at least an hour.

How does it affect teenagers?

It mostly happens when you are at an adult age but can happen to teenagers if you are not eating healthy, not exercising, drinking, not being active, smoking. Most of us would like sit at home and just watch TV on lounge all day. But we need to realize that if this happens constantly and constantly there will be consequences. We need to stay physically active in order to

What did you learn about this issue?

I learned exactly what this problem was. I didn’t really know what the details were but I heard about it of course and it runs in my family. I learned that this problem is caused from the lack of exercise and the constant lack of healthy nutritious foods. The absence of these in your diet can cause long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease.

What is your thinking/summary about this issue?

I think that this problem has gotten has gotten me thinking that this condition is something that you never knew would happen to you until it actually does. While reading about it, it got me conscious about what I do and how I try to stay fit.

How has your thinking changed?  

Well I now know the definition and how age doesn’t really tell when your going to have it. Its really you who has the power to prevent this problem of ignore it and suffer the consequence.

How does this influence your thinking about wellness?

Well in wellness we think a lot about how we should stay healthy fit, mentally healthy, socially healthy and emotionally healthy. But hypertension has really gotten me thinking and watching my physical health on which is a big topic. Watching what you eat and do will prevent overweight issues and can save you from other conditions like hypertension.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder- Kody


This is meant to show how a narcissist views the world.

First of all, the reason I decided to research on Narcissistic Personality Disorder for my health buzz, is because I thought it was an interesting topic to do research on, and also, around five to six percent of the global population has it. Also, it is more common for younger people to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, because of today’s environment.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a mental and personality disorder, in which the afflicted has beliefs that they are above all, and tend to have an extremely high sense of self-importance, at least compared to others. Some other symptoms include a lack of empathy, exploitation of others, and tend to have a sense of extreme entitlement, meaning that they feel that they own everything, or want to always be in control. However, there are treatments available for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, however, the central one is psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”. This mainly focuses on having people learn how to maintain, and also relate to people, and become more in touch with their emotions and feelings.  After all my research on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I now think that enough emphasis is placed on various mental disorders, other than autism, socio-and psychopathy, and OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. I think those ones are given the most exposure in the media, and while I’m not saying it is invisible, I am saying that Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is an important issue in today’s society, and it isn’t given enough focus in the media. This concludes my post on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


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Unit 1 Project: Exercise for Life Brochure

You’ve been asked to design a brochure to convince your peers that exercising and staying healthy is good for you! Your brochure will include the elements of exercise and staying healthy that we’ve discussed as a class:  Components of Fitness, Benefits of Exercise, Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle. Below are the guidelines for this project and the rubric on how you will be graded. Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.57.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 1.17.28 PM


Use this link to access the Reflection and Self-Assessment for this assignment.

You can also use our Wellness Textbook!  Don’t forget that proper MLA citation for the book is as follows: Athreya, Balu H. Holt Decisions for Health: Level Blue. Orlando, FL: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2007. Print.

Take a look at these samples by former students to help you get started!

Exemplar 1

Exemplar 2

Looking forward to seeing your final brochures! Ms. V 🙂

Dyslexia – Madison Fleming

I chose this topic because I have a few of the symptoms of dyslexia. This is important because it is not very common and it is very hard to treat. Sometimes you can’t even treat it. It can affect a lot of people, for teenagers it can affect them academically. We have trouble reading, writing, and spelling; they could have a hard time with school; we have trouble learning a new language; we have really bad handwriting; have difficulty remembering number; and we sometimes have trouble following sequence of direction and telling left from right. When we read things, to us, the letters move and flip. We have trouble learning English, like root words, prefixes. We sometimes flip meanings around like adverb and preposition. Most of us try to avoid reading and writing.  There are a lot more that I am not going to tell you.

I actually didn’t know a lot of the symptoms. It just opened my mind to how many of those symptoms I have are so few, yet feel like I have so man, but some kids have more symptoms then me. I am just so glad that  I don’t have all of those symptoms.