Chronic Bronchitis- Min Jae

I chose chronic bronchitis for health buzz. Chronic bronchitis is recurrent disorder where there is chronic or persistent inflammation of airways in the lungs.

I chose chronic bronchitis as a topic because I wanted to learn and know well about this disease. The reason that I want to learn about chronic bronchitis is because my mom has this disease. This issue is important because you can easily have this disease if you are exposed to air pollution for a long time. In addition, this affects teenager because teenager often does not know how serious and severe chronic bronchitis is.

I learned that there are two kinds of bronchitis. One is acute and other one is chronic. I was able to find out that chronic bronchitis happens when acute bronchitis is repeated for several times. I also learned that there are no actual treatments for chronic bronchitis, but only medicines that can suppress the cough or production of mucus. Also, you have to avoid smoking because smoking is the main cause of chronic bronchitis. Before I did research about this issue, I thought chronic bronchitis was just a simple disease and you can recover eventually. However, I was wrong. Chronic bronchitis is very serious disease because you might also develop emphysema. Some people think chronic bronchitis is not life threatening, but your lungs may already have been seriously injured. Therefore, you have to be also be careful and try not to be exposed to second-hand smoke or air pollution for a long time. Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis


(First picture shows the difference between healthy bronchi and inflamed bronchi. Second picture shows that second hand smoke is dangerous to the lungs.)