Aspergers Syndrome- Marilyn

Aspergers is a form of Pervasive Development Disorder which is a disorder where someone with it lacks basic skills. It is also similar to autism, but very much milder. People with this disorder tend to have a higher intelligence than the average of their age. Though people with this disorder are at risk to develop certain conditions like ADHD or OCD.

The symptoms are:

  • Problem with social skills
  • Eccentric or repetitive behaviors
  • Develops rituals
  • Communication difficulty
  • Limited range of interests
  • Coordination
  • Skilled or talented

There are no causes or preventions for this disorder though there are treatments like occupational therapy to help their slow muscle development, speech therapy to help them be able to communicate better or social skills therapy to help them socialize.

People with autism tend to be excluded from group events whether it would be sports or just a conversation. They never approach people and usually have no eye contact. They can come across as weird or crazy and most of the time gets picked on. People with asperger’s also tend to have a fascination with a certain things, but with the fascination with that one subject or item they exclude everything else.

I believe that people with autism can do wonderful things since they are able to focus all their attention on one thing. One example would be Steve Jobs, ever since he was a kid he was very interested in technology and now he has revolutionised the world of technology. Some other people with aspergers are michael jackson and susan boyle.

The word Aspergers spelled over a blank puzzle.  Aspergers Syndrome is a high-functiong form of Autism commonly diagnosed amoung young children, particularly boys.




Health Buzz-Tourettes_Enzo

I chose this topic, Tourettes, because me and my cousin have Tourettes and it  is really hard to have Tourettes it is hard to focus, hard to do everything, it is also very difficult to deal with if you’re the victim. Aside from just affecting me this disease affects thousands of people in fact 1/80 people have Tourettes
After researching this topic, Tourettes, I learned a lot more about my syndrome,  Tourettes basically where you can’t control your muscles, you have tics where you can’t control what you do. You have vocal and motor tics vocal tics make you say things you can’t control such as swear words and words that are exotic, motor tics are where you basically cannot control your muscles, like you can’t control blinking and movements like that, well you know you’re doing it but it’s like a cough or a sneeze you cannot control it.  There are no known cures for this syndrome but you can take some western or Chinese medicines to suppress the tics. 1/80 people have Tourettes. If you see people who do really weird things with their muscles and vocal sounds, they probably have Tourettes, don’t make fun of them it’s really hard to be the victim who has Tourettes.



Jon Determograthic Urticaria

determotharthic urtictica or determograthictaca  or skin writing is a skin disorder that makes your skin so vulnerable to inflammation if u rub it it inflames. it happens to 3-5 % of all people in this world it lasts for 15 to 30 min normally but in extreme cases hours.  the cause is unknown. it is itchy within 5 min of inflammation