Anorexia Nervosa- Maria

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder,that people get too obsessed with their weight and how fat or skinny they are and their appearance.  I chose this issue because a lot of teenagers are worrying about how fat or skinny they are and to look good they stop eating. This is important because it shows us what can happen if you stop eating, it teaches how people get anorexia and to be careful. This affects teenagers because they can die from it and start to feel very insecure about themselves.


I learned that is very important to feel confident about yourself, and that is really important to eat. My thinking about this issue is that teenagers shouldn’t call each other fat because it can lead them to become anorexic, and feel insecure about themselves. My thinking changed a lot, because before I didn’t think it was important but by this age every girl is complaining about their appearance and their weight and mostly everyday you hear someone saying “I’m Fat” and people stopped eating a lot because they thought they were fat. So now I think everyone should eat, and feel good on how they look if they are skinny or fat. Now I know what it can lead them if they stop eating.

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