Autism – Lorenzo Obias

Firstly, I chose this issue as I recently came in contact with a person with autism, and had a sudden urge to help them; it just felt like the right thing to do. Autism is something that shouldn’t be neglected. This topic is very relevant as helping autistic people will make one a better person, as well as developing better social skills. Furthermore, anyone can relate with autistic people as it is a condition which any person of any age can get.

From researching online, looking past the first page of Google Search, I have been able to find many valid information relating to autism spectrum disorder. One piece of information I was able to find was that autism is a disorder that almost makes the person unable to communicate with other people. At first, I thought autism made the bearer stupid, but I was way off. I also learned that babies get autism from the environment it is surrounded by when it is in the womb, which is pretty intriguing. After hours of research and preparation, I can say with confidence that I have a new found respect for autistic people. They are just like everyone else, so we have to help them. Make them comfortable. Whether autistic or not, they are just like everyone else, humans.