Seamus | Video Game Effects

I chose this mostly because it was the last one left and I was actually interested in how it actually did affect you. Our parents always say that video games are stupid and dumb and made of nasty crap, but there can be lots of good effects as well. I connect with this because I play video games, (just like basically everybody else) and want to know the effects.

I learned that video gaming can be addictive and make you very preoccupied and can make you have slightly more violent behavior due to the violence in the game. I also learned that it isn’t all that bad, because they can improve many of your skills in strategy, and math. This relates to teens because almost every teen I know plays video games or has played a video game in his/her life, and we should all know the effects. I used to think exactly what my parents told me: video games are bad. But as I researched a little more, I found that there are many life skills that you can learn that will be necessary or useful later in life.