Nightmares – Rayaan

I chose the topic nightmares because I and a lot of people have it. I also wanted to do a health buzz that I am familiar with. I wanted to know what goes through your brain when you have it and how your body reacts to it. I wanted to know what your body does when you have a nightmare. I learned that they are many reasons why you get nightmares. And from my personal experience, I usually get nightmares when I am sick for some reason.

In this topic, nightmares, I learnt why nightmares occur and when they usually occur. Before I thought I only get nightmares because I’m thinking of scary thoughts but thats only a little part of why you get nightmares. They usually occur when you are undergoing stress and you are sick. Nightmares occur when you are in deep sleep and when nightmares are happening you are usually going through rapid eye movement (REM). You also usually get nightmares when your heart is in fear. My thinking changed a lot when I was doing this health buzz of nightmares.