Health Buzz Food Poisoning – Woosuk Kim

I chose the topic of food poisoning for my health buzz because as I was looking through the available topics from previous health buzzes, the presentation on the Food Poisoning one stood out the most. I immediately connected with the topic because I have had the illness several times in the past. This helped me learn more about the illness and the symptoms on having food poisoning. It helped me understand how horrible of an effect the illness could have on ones life. This issue is important and should be learned by others because if one had food poisoning then they would know how to identify the illness and know how to treat it. This has an effect on teenagers because many teens can get this illness. In fact anybody can get this illness because everyone eats food. But especially teens due to the fact that teens eat many food that they may not know about.

I learned that food poisoning can be very dangerous. This can cause many other diseases that are much more dangerous and can even lead to death. I know think that people should pay more attention to what they are eating because eating the wrong thing can lead to food poisoning. My thinking has changed by making me more cautious about my diet. This influences my thinking on wellness by making me think that your diet is an important part on being well.