Homicidal Sleepwalking -Heloise

I chose Homicidal sleepwalking because I thought it was interesting and scary for people to murder family or friends in their sleep. I also chose this because i have experienced parasomnias; sleepwalking and sleep start. (Sudden movements during the first levels in sleep)Its important to know about this parasomnia for the defence of somebody killing someone in an unconscious state.This luckily doesn’t affect most people today, as there has been only 68 cases reported until 2005.

I have learned that Parasomnia is a bigger deal than what i thought it was, and I learned that there are many things that we still have yet to learn about parasomnia. I also learned that Stress, depression, and sleep deprivation is what caused one of the few cases in homicidal sleepwalking, No one really knows what homicidal sleepwalking is caused by.I think this is probably one of the worst parasomnias because most of the victims in the cases are either family members or friends and  the person with this parasomnia would probably be guilty for their whole life and it could make him lose his family and friends because of this situation.This has changed my thinking because I never knew that parasomnias could be that extreme which made me more interested and i wanted to learn more about it. It also made me more interested in wellness because it made me wonder if anything we are learning now could cause any parasomnia.


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