Health Buzz – Travis (Autism)

I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about it. My cousin has Autism and I was always curious why he was acting strange around me and other people so I saw this opportunity to learn more about the disorder Autism and share it with others. This is important to me because I am really close to my cousin and whenever he visits the Philippines I am with him almost all the time he is here. It affects teenagers because of their relationships with autistic kids and normal kids. Autistic kids have difficulty establishing connections with others and maybe other kids would judge autistic kids.

I have learned more in-depth about the disorder and how common it is around the world. My thinking before learning about this topic was that I just thought they are socially awkward around people. Now that I know more about Autism I know that it is a disorder developed in childhood and has many different signs that can show it. Yet people with autism have strengths, for example my cousin is really good at memorising and building legos. This has influenced my thinking on being grateful that I was born normal, but it is important to be aware so that we do not misjudge other people and make fun of them.The word AUTISM spelled out in letter cubes.

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