Perfectionism – Nina


I chose this topic because many people deal with this problem. This is a relevant topic to me because I always want to be perfect. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one. Proof of my perfectionism is that it’s March 8, and my Health Buzz isn’t due till April 21. I cringe every time I see a classmate forget homework, or when I see really messy lockers. I am also interested in how people are able to be okay, with okay. Another symptom I have is that I am always unhappy with my body. I stare at myself in the mirror and see all the things I want to change, I actually eat less than the amount that I can actually eat. This is really important because it adds stress, and stress is hardly ever good for you. This affects teens because the stress of homework and school adds to the stress of perfectionism. Always wanting to get the best grades, and finishing homework way ahead of time, dieting to look like thin. These could actually be unhealthy for a functioning student.

A new thing that I’ve learned from this topic is that perfectionism could be both good and bad. Wanting good grades and being organize is good right? It’s bad when one takes it to the extremes, like staying up til 3am to study for a test the next month. Perfectionists also can have eating disorders, because of the want to have the perfect body. Some signs of perfectionism may be; Always eager to please, unhappy with average, You create strict rules for yourself, and you beat yourself up. High-achieving athletes, scientists, and artists often show signs of perfectionism. This changes my thinking because now I know that I need to relax a little more. I actually was supposed to do this topic about my uncle, until I realized that I have symptoms of perfectionism.

This picture shows the thinking of a perfectionist.

Health Buzz – Travis (Autism)

I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about it. My cousin has Autism and I was always curious why he was acting strange around me and other people so I saw this opportunity to learn more about the disorder Autism and share it with others. This is important to me because I am really close to my cousin and whenever he visits the Philippines I am with him almost all the time he is here. It affects teenagers because of their relationships with autistic kids and normal kids. Autistic kids have difficulty establishing connections with others and maybe other kids would judge autistic kids.

I have learned more in-depth about the disorder and how common it is around the world. My thinking before learning about this topic was that I just thought they are socially awkward around people. Now that I know more about Autism I know that it is a disorder developed in childhood and has many different signs that can show it. Yet people with autism have strengths, for example my cousin is really good at memorising and building legos. This has influenced my thinking on being grateful that I was born normal, but it is important to be aware so that we do not misjudge other people and make fun of them.The word AUTISM spelled out in letter cubes.

Homicidal Sleepwalking -Heloise

I chose Homicidal sleepwalking because I thought it was interesting and scary for people to murder family or friends in their sleep. I also chose this because i have experienced parasomnias; sleepwalking and sleep start. (Sudden movements during the first levels in sleep)Its important to know about this parasomnia for the defence of somebody killing someone in an unconscious state.This luckily doesn’t affect most people today, as there has been only 68 cases reported until 2005.

I have learned that Parasomnia is a bigger deal than what i thought it was, and I learned that there are many things that we still have yet to learn about parasomnia. I also learned that Stress, depression, and sleep deprivation is what caused one of the few cases in homicidal sleepwalking, No one really knows what homicidal sleepwalking is caused by.I think this is probably one of the worst parasomnias because most of the victims in the cases are either family members or friends and  the person with this parasomnia would probably be guilty for their whole life and it could make him lose his family and friends because of this situation.This has changed my thinking because I never knew that parasomnias could be that extreme which made me more interested and i wanted to learn more about it. It also made me more interested in wellness because it made me wonder if anything we are learning now could cause any parasomnia.