Seizures – Julie

I am interested in this topic because I heard a little before about seizures, and I found out that you can have it all the time and never notice it. It happened to one of our classmates, and I wanted to know more about it. It is relevant to people in our age, because one of the types of seizures called Absence seizures, which only usually happens to children.

I learned that there are around 77 causes of seizures, Epilepsy being the most common one (brain disorder). I also learned that there are 6 types of seizures. Generalized Seizures: when patient loses consciousness and collapses. Absence Seizures: short period of unconsciousness (patient stares blankly). Myoclonic Seizures: when patient involuntarily jerks or moves. Clonic Seizures: rhythmic and repetitive series of jerks and movements. Tonic Seizures: stiffening of muscles. Atonic Seizures: when muscles forget how to function, and body collapses. Some effects are that the patient has difficulty speaking and writing, is sleepy, feels lightheaded, has memory loss, has slow reactions, and can get easily confused.  I think seizures can be dangerous, and can affect someone very badly, so I think everyone should be conscious if have seizures, and know exactly what symptoms can happen, so they are aware when they can have their next seizures. Before I thought you are never conscious during a seizure, but know I know that sometimes you can be conscious, but your body doesn’t want to respond. I now think that wellness can be very important, because most people that have these incidents don’t know any of this.

Seizures start in one part of the brain, then spread, which leads to jerking. Patients say it feels like being electrocuted by lightning.

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