Health Buzz Lake (Cherophobia)

imagesI chose this issue because when I first heard about it, I couldn’t believe that there would be a fear in happiness because I thought everyone loves to become happy. This expanded my thinking by knowing that there are some people who don’t like to become happy. This affect teenagers because I think that cherophobia may lead to bad behavior in teenagers for example smoking, taking drugs, etc. due to lack of happiness.

I learned deeper into cherophobia. I learned what causes this and the symptoms to cure it. Some causes to cherophobia is external events or previous events that occurred in your life (usually when you’re young). Also brain chemistry contributes to developing this phobia. I also learned that the symptoms to cherophobia vary on the person’s level of fear. My thinking changed completely as I learned more about this phobia. My honest first reaction was to laugh because it felt so impossible but now I know that this is a huge problem that needs help. This influences me to learn carefully in wellness class to know more about myself. I also think we should learn more about different types of phobias.

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