Amnesia – Andonis

Amnesia is a loss of memory caused by brain damage, disease, psychological trauma, various sedative and hypnotic drugs. Amnesia can be either whole or partial loss of memory There are two main parts of amnesia, retrograde amnesia and anteretrograde amnesia. Retrograde amnesia is inability to return memories from the date of an accident or operation. Anteretrograte amnesia is inability to remember things for long periods of time.

There are no medication to treat amnesia. The only way to treat it is by talking to a therapist to retrieve some of the memories or train your memory not to forget any thing else, and take in new information on top of intact memories.

Tourettes Syndrome

I chose Tourettes Syndrome because this affects many people and their daily lives. Some people just judge others with the syndrome with out knowing they have Tourettes.In this project I learned that 1 in 360 children are diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome once from the age of 6-17. I also learned that Tourettes has similar effects with OCD,ADHD and Depression. lastly I lead that some time you can have Tourettes with out knowing it because some times it can be very random by sometimes not happening often to some times very often.