Snoring (Johann)

I chose snoring as a topic because it is a extremely common thing that happens to everyone and I didn’t really know anything about this topic and I am very interested to find out some more information about this topic. I also chose snoring as a topic because me, my family and my friends probably snore. I think it affects not only teenagers but everyone, including me because of sleep lose and even just being annoyed at someone for snoring.

In this project I learned how snoring occurs, how to avoid or stop snoring and cool facts about the topic. More specifically speaking I learned that snoring is caused by someone having trouble breathing through their nose and mouth causing a grunting noise while asleep. I also learned snoring can be avoided by simply sleeping on your side instead of on your back and that people who smoke or inhale lots of 2nd hand smoke. Before I knew almost nothing about this topic but now just in short amount time I learned so much. All of the things I learned will completely change my way of thinking in not only wellness but in my daily life that we should not get mad at anyone who snores because we all do it ourselves and snoring unintentional, and instead of getting mad we should guide them and tell them how to avoid snoring.


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