Sleep Paralysis Healthbuzz | Aubidur

I chose this because I came across an article online and I became curious (mostly because the picture looked cool). Afterwards, I researched on it some more and found it to be very interesting. When I read the article, I realised that this has occurred to me before. As a matter of fact, this has happened to me not only on multiple occasions but also last Saturday. This matter helps me understand things that have happened to me before that I never could really explain at that time. This mostly affects children but rarely teenagers because more children tend to believe in monsters and etc.

Through this, I learned that there are many things that are unexplainable to you at the moment but later on you learn it properly. Another thing that I learned was that when in a state of sleep paralysis, you are unable move your body in any way. Exactly as the title mentions, sleep PARALYSIS. As a result, Those who experience this, such as me, are forced to stay still, completely awake,  and witness the horror since you are awake but dreaming a nightmare. In conclusion, sleep paralysis is a moment of complete fear. It also feels so real that at the moment, you may feel as if you will die at the moment. This helps me understand more of what happens to me, why it happens, and how it happens.