Sleepwalking – Noah

I chose sleepwalking because I myself have sleepwalked before and have seen many friends sleepwalk so I was interested to know more about it. It is important because it is quite common for people to sleepwalk although with the teen years the chance to sleepwalk decreases. Sleepwalking (aka somnambulism) is a sleeping disorder which makes people get up and do something while still in sleep. This might mean from sitting up in bed to wandering around outside. It mostly happens during the deeper sleep of sleeping stage 3 and 4. A full sleeping cycle is made of stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM (rapid eye movement).

Sleepwalking can run in your family so if you have a parent or a sibling who sleepwalks you have a higher chance of sleepwalking yourself. It can also be caused by things like lack of sleep or irregular sleep and sometimes even because of stress. No, sleepwalking is not dangerous at all. Most people who sleep walk just stand up and walk around. But there still are dangers such as falling down stair, bumping into something or falling of something. It is said that waking sleepwalkers up will confuse them and give them a bad mood. So if you encounter a sleepwalker slowly guide him back to his bed.


Leukaemia – Matthew


    Leukaemia is a rare condition affecting 20K to 200K people per year. It is basically a  cancer that doesn’t allow ones blood and bone-marrow to function properly. It lowers your white blood cell count and makes your body vulnerable to fight infection, diseases, and more. No one really knows the main causes of Leukaemia but doctors say that the main “probable cause” would be radiation.

I chose this cancer because I have read books like “Drums, Girls, Dangerous Pie” and it made me wonder about the topic. I used to think leukaemia was a cancer that made you get hurt easily and that was it. But now I know that it is much more that, your life is basically on the line and if not treated, you could die.

Anorexia – Sil

imgresAnorexia is a loss of appetite or a loss of interest in food. Sometimes people get confused and many people think that Anorexia Nervosa is the same thing but, Anorexia Nervosa is a serious mental illness. Patients have not “lost” interest in food, they have intentionally restricted their food intake because of the fear of being or becoming fat.

I chose this disorder for my health buzz because it influences many teenagers of our age, and their relatives. This can technically affect anyone and everyone should be proud and feel confident about themselves.

By doing this healthbuzz, I learned that it’s VERY important to eat and to feel good about yourself and that Anorexia also causes people to get not only physical but also emotional and mental problems, which can influence the rest of their lives.