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I chose the issue of stress because it interested me at how many people were claiming to be “stressed”. I also chose this as it has affected many people including myself. This issue is relevant to me because I have felt stressed at many times when there was a lot of homework and projects to be completed. This is important because stress can become a serious issue if one is feeling too much stress, it can lead to various unhealthy effects on the body. This affects many other teenagers because they have felt stressed at various points throughout the year because of schoolwork.

What I learnt about this issue is that various people are affected by it including teenagers and adults. Even though adults are stressed, it is more common in teenagers. On a recent survey conducted by the Washington Post, 83 percent of teens said that school was “a somewhat or significant source of stress.” Twenty-seven percent reported “extreme stress” during the school year. My thinking about stress is that it could be very dangerous to a person’s health, and have effect their lives unhealthily. My thinking has change about this issue as many people claimed to be very stressed, and now I have realised that too much stress can be a very dangerous thing. images

The picture shows the worries of students.


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