Milan vermeulen (Why you should do one thing that scares you everyday)


Why chose this because I try to do this everyday. Because it is not hard to do it is actually fun to do. Because after u do it you feel really good. This expanded my learning because I learned that this actually makes you more creative and makes and prepares you for new things in the future. THis is important because I think that especially people like older people try to stay in their comfort zone and not take risks. I think that when you are a teenager you want to do a lot of like cool stuff. Especially like dangerous stuff which I love.

I learned that if you do something out of your comfort zone that you gain a lot of things like you become more productive, prepare you for new and unexpected changes, help you push your boundaries in the future, and make it easier to harness your creativity. I think that if you do this everyday you will push yourself to do new things. My thinking has changed because for me it was just something fun to do but I realized that it benefits you in many ways. I think this changed my thinking in wellness because I thought that doing something that scares you may be bad for your health sometimes but it benefits you in a lot of ways