Tubercular Meningitis (TB) – Adi

I chose Tubercular Meningitis because I have some family connections to it and seems like an interesting topic to me. Multiple family members of mine have been affected by TB. Luckily, they have all survived. This can expand my learning (and my classmates) because it can make us more aware of the wide variety of diseases around us. Anyone can get TB at anytime. Even though TB mainly affects people aged 0-4 are inflicted with it, it doesn’t mean we can’t get the disease.

Before I did the health buzz, I thought TB was only a minor disease that doesn’t change you very much (something like the common cold doesn’t change you that much). I also learned where exactly TB affects you (membrane and your spinal area). Now I think that TB is a serious issue and I wonder why governments aren’t trying to address this issue better. It seems like governments are not trying to get rid of any diseases other than ones that have massive outbreaks (like Ebola). This issue it self, doesn’t really change my thinking about Wellness but I can see how it can change my thinking in other ways. All in all though, I think that TB should be carefully examined in finding a cure.