Health Buzz Derek (Vaccinations)

I chose this issue because I, of course, have been vaccinated and I’m interested in how they function. I’m also interested because back in 5th grade I made a presentation on Louis Pasteur, an important scientist that worked on vaccines, and the topic stuck on to me to this day. Vaccines are an important part of life because they help prevent potentially fatal diseases from spreading and contaminating people.

I learned more about how vaccines work. For those who don’t know, vaccines are extremely weakened or deadened cells that are injected into your body so your immune system can learn how to fight those diseases. For example, say I don’t want to get the cold. If I got a vaccine injected into my bloodstream I my immune system would fight the deadened cells without them fighting back and store the information about how they need to fight the cold. If I get exposed to cold virus cells, my body would know how to fight them and would get rid of them quickly and efficiently without much impact to my body.
I think that vaccinations are an important discovery because they have prevented major epidemics. Vaccinations were even popular enough to eradicate smallpox saving 5 million lives annually. Even now, vaccinations are fighting diseases. About 80% of the children in the world have been vaccinated from Polio.
I used to not know how important vaccinations were to the human race. I knew they were important, obviously, but I never knew that they could help this species so much.



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