Allie Hill- Eating Disorders

I chose the topic eating disorders, because it is an issue that I’ve always heard about, but didn’t comprehend. This made me want to learn more about the disorder, and if their was a cure for it. I feel connected to this issue, because sometimes I would hear people talking about this disorder, and sometimes I would see extremely thin, and frail anorexic people in public. It has expanded my learning, because now I know what the disorder is, how it affects people, and much more. So if I needed to, I could explain to someone what the disorder is. This issue is relevant to me, because I knew someone who had a type of eating disorder. I tried to help them, but they didn’t want help. It made me want to understand why someone would get an eating disorder, or want to keep the eating disorder. Eating disorders are important, because they are an issue that affect thousands of teens, and millions of people worldwide. It affects teenagers, because eating disorders are caused by stress, depression, and anxiety. Most teens have a lot of pressure on them, emotionally, socially, and physically. This is why a lot of teens develop eating disorders. Eating disorders affect a teen negatively. Most teens with eating disorders avoid social events, and hanging out with friends, they also become so obsessed with staying thin or eating too much, that they stop doing other activities.


I learned about the three different eating disorders, signs that people have an eating disorder, what causes eating disorders, what the effects of an eating disorder are, the cure for an eating disorder, and interesting facts about eating disorders. This changed my thinking tremendously, because before I started my health buzz, I thought people that had eating disorders had control of their eating disorders, and could be cured easily. However I learned that people with eating disorders have no control once they develop an eating disorder, and it is extremely difficult to overcome an eating disorder. My thinking has changed, because now I understand that having an eating disorder isn’t as easy, and it takes a lot of strength and courage to overcome an eating disorder. This have changed my view of wellness, because now I have a better understanding of why it’s important that we learn about wellness, and why staying healthy, and eating right is essential to live a long and prosperous life.