Peer Pressure- Muskaan

For my health buzz, I choose the topic Peer Pressure because we all can relate to it. We all have been pressured into doing something we would not want to do. Good or bad. I personally have been pressured in both positive and negative ways by my peers and classmates. This issue is relevant to all of us. All throughout your life you will be victims of peer pressure. Especially as adolescents. We tend to focus more on our friends and what they think. We all want to fit in. Do what the crowd is doing. We are scared to be different. This is an important subject because we need to learn how to deal with Peer pressure and know when to say no to something that we don’t believe is right. As mentioned before, teenagers are likely to spend a majority of their time with friends and this can both influence them negatively or positively. Peer pressure can be negative when your friends make you do things like shoplift, for example. But, your peers can also influence you in a positive way by convincing you to study for a test, or finish your homework.

Peer Pressure is when someone your age, pressures you to do something that you aren’t comfortable doing. I learned that peer pressure is both a good and a bad thing. I also learned that we should stand up for what our what we believe in  and if someone is making you do something against your values, you have the right to say no and not do it. I think Peer Pressure is impacting us all and will our whole lives. But, we need to learn how to deal with it and react to it.  I believe that peer pressure isn’t all that bad. It also has a positive side. I used to think Peer Pressure was all bad, now I think that it could also help someone and affect them positively.